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Day Cream vs. Night Cream – True Facts Revealed!!!

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day cream vs night cream

It is of great significance to protect your skin during day and night, and for that, you need to understand the difference between a day cream and a night cream. One should not jeopardize the health of their skin at the cost of ignorance. The day and night creams that you see in supermarkets have different respective purposes of their own.

In this article, we will brief you with differences that a day cream and night cream has. So, next time when you are out shopping creams for your skincare regimen, you know what your skin really needs!

Ingredients in Day Creams and Night Creams

Day creams

The purpose of a day cream is much different to a night cream. During the day, our skin is more prone to environmental hazards such as pollution, harmful UV rays, and makeup. Therefore, day creams have ingredients that protect our skin from such pervasive external factors. The creams contain high content of SPF to protect the skin from sunrays, antioxidants to combat radicals and caffeine to make the skin look firmer and tighter. It also, most of the times, contain skin lightening agents such as licorice, kojic and vitamin C.

Night creams

It’s a different story at night time because our skin at that time, repairs, restores and regenerates while we are asleep. Night is the time when our skin is into heavy lifting. Usually night creams contain lots of moisturizers that are incredibly powerful and designed to penetrate into the deep layers of the skin. The creams also contain powerful anti-aging compounds like retinol, glycolic acid and hyaluronic acid that work well in absence of sun rays. Night creams are a lot heavier, richer and more effective than day creams.

Day cream vs. Night cream

With all honesty, you need both the creams in your daily skincare regimen as they both have individual purposes. There are stark differences between the two creams – result wise and also content wise. A night cream understands how your skin functions at nights and accordingly offers anti aging benefits. Similarly, a day cream works well during day since it protects your skin from sunrays and other outer disturbances.

But, do you need a night cream?

In such a case, you should opt for a cream that contains SPF for day since it is not advisable to wear sunscreen at night due to many reasons. One of the primary reasons being, SPF potentially clogs your pores during the night time. In addition, at night time, your skin is not exposed to harmful UV rays, and so, you don’t need the SPF then.

If you are stubborn about using just one cream – either day cream or night cream, then you should look for a day cream but remember to wash your skin at night and perform a night skincare regimen.

In the end, the decision of using a day cream, or a night cream, or both, remains in your hands. But, make sure that you comprehend the differences thoroughly and make a selection of buying a day cream and night cream wisely.