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What is Aging YOU?? Onset, Prevention & Cure [Infographic]

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Aging is the sum total of all the life processes that lead to decay of muscle mass, bone mass and other metabolic activities taking place within our body. One may feel jaded with this but it is a life event one cannot run away from. Luckily, since ages humans have been fighting with this and have invented a few tools and gateways to sustain the beauty of their skin. But before unraveling them let us take into account the kinds of aging experienced by mankind and the reasons for the same evil.

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Aging is categorized into two types

  • Intrinsic aging
  • Extrinsic aging

Intrinsic aging: Talking about the first, it makes its appearance as a result of internal factors. Its your genes that determine how quickly or how late the aging signs would start showing up. This is perhaps the reason many people look good even though they may not be taking care of their skin as you do. Don’t be astonished now on. Apart from genes, good eating habits and healthy lifestyle affects your internal anatomy and hence your skin overall.

Extrinsic aging: Extrinsic factors are nothing but the environmental factors causing the evil signs of aging, sun being the hazardous of all. The harmful UVA and UVB rays must be avoided at all costs. These not only make your skin age faster but is also responsible for skin cancer. Pollution seconds the chart of extrinsic factors. Some lifestyle habits too account for the changes happening to your skin. Some of them are smoking and stress. The two breakdown collagen and elastin making your skin drier and susceptible to developing the aging signs which over a span of time become more prominent and difficult to get rid from.

Here are a few tips to avert the factors that can ruin your skin

  1. Hot water – Hot baths can drain away the natural oils from your skin leaving it dry nad parched. Use lukewarm water instead.
  2. Acne treatment – Benzoyl Peroide, a key ingredient in acne creams contains oxygen.It reduces free radicals in the skin, thus leading to pre-onset of aging signs.
  3. Sun exposure – Sun rays are harsh and capable of drawing moisture from the skin leading to dry, inflamed skin. Over exposure without any protection can aggravate the aging signs besides posing threats like cancer. Always USE broad spectrum sun block.
  4. Moisturize with SPF – your moisturizer should also contain SPF factor to protect you from sun and its harsh rays.
  5. Eat anti-oxidants – Eat fruits and vegetables containing anti oxidants. These fight aging signs and free radicals to keep your skin taut and glowing.
  6. Stay hydrated – Keep your skin hydrated by drinking plenty of water. This ensures skin elasticity for long.
  7. Go natural – apply all things natural on your skin like aloe vera, coconut oil, honey and so on. This practice promises long lasting youthfulness.

You surely need a companion that can assure long lasting youthfulness. Here is one we have selected for you. It is Dermology ant aging cream. The cream is enriched with some of the best ingredients to counter aging. It is an all rounder that fights all the signs of aging. With Dermology cream in your vanity, you don’t have to hunt for too many over-the-counter products to maintain your skin. The cream contains

  • Matrixyl
  • Argireline
  • Hyaluronic acid

These are natural and highly effective ingredients capable of addressing and rooting out all the aging issues.

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