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Premature or excess wrinkles can also be caused due to factors like too much exposure to sunlight or smoking, harsh environments, excessive stress, or even sudden weight loss. Despite that skin wrinkle with age is still a natural process. But, in contrast to the rest of the body, the under-eye area being delicate is more prone to wear out faster. Anything from crying to lack of sleep can result in dark circles, facial wrinkles as well as unsightly puffiness, under the...

Have you ever wondered as to why are you aging fast apart from the fact that everyone else ages too? It is indeed the bitter truth of life, isn't it? Yet, nobody wants to age. How about we tell you that you do have the ability to reverse the signs of aging? Want to hold on or recapture your youth? Just give a look to the infographic by ADV Derm. We certainly kid you not! You might have heard about the various...

  Aging is the sum total of all the life processes that lead to decay of muscle mass, bone mass and other metabolic activities taking place within our body. One may feel jaded with this but it is a life event one cannot run away from. Luckily, since ages humans have been fighting with this and have invented a few tools and gateways to sustain the beauty of their skin. But before unraveling them let us take into account the kinds...