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Reduce Premature Skin Aging For Younger Looks

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premature aging

One truth of life, which nobody can deny, is that you get older each day. And as you get older, your body’s internal system like skin cell turnover and healing slows down. With age comes wrinkles, dark spots, and rough skin. But, sometimes, even before the expected time, your skin starts ageing. This is known as premature skin aging.

Although it’s impossible to stop these changes completely, there are specific ways that can help. Here, we are listing out a few of these ways to reduce the symptoms of premature skin aging.

Avoid too much exposure to sunlight in order to reduce premature skin aging

Sun exposure is harmful both to the body and the skin. It can accelerate the premature aging process resulting in wrinkles, fine lines, and spotted skin regardless of your age. Avoid going out in the sun every day. Apply sunscreen whenever you have to go out. The ideal sunscreen to avoid skin aging because of sunlight, are the ones with SPF 25 or more.

Change your sleeping posture and reduce the effects of skin aging

Postures play a significant role in skin exhaustion. While you might feel comfortable sleeping sideways, it can cause damage to the skin. In the sideways position, the cheek has to support the entire head weight. This kind of pressure can cause wrinkles and fine lines. Bring variation in your sleeping position in order to reduce damage, to one side of your face.

Cut back smoking and alcohol consumption

Studies have concluded that smoking is associated with facial wrinkles and premature skin aging. The use of alcohol daily leads to shrinking of blood vessels, reducing blood flow to the skin. This results in fine lines and wrinkles.

Reduce stress for healthy skin and body

Stress not only affects the mind, but it also affects the skin. Stress can cause premature wrinkles on your skin. Stress hormone “Cortisol” breaks down collagen in your skin. Try to reduce stress by cultivating a hobby, going out with friends, or taking a short vacation to rejuvenate.

Drink plenty of water and keep your skin hydrated

Drinking water may seem a universal solution to almost all health problems as drinking water can reduce the effects of skin aging by keeping your skin hydrated and healthy.

Sleep for 6 hours and more for healthy skin

Less than 6 hours can cause wrinkles on the skin. Other skin problems, such as eye bags and dull skin, can also result due to lack of adequate sleep.

A healthy diet for healthy skin

Healthy glowing skin needs consuming fresh vegetables, fruits that are rich in vitamin C, and olive oil. Healthy balanced food keeps the body and skin healthy. People with an overly sweet tooth should restrict themselves and cut back on sugar. Excessive sugar intake causes glycation, which damages the collagen in the blood vessels, causing wrinkles and fine lines. Those who eat processed foods too often should also be careful because it can affect the skin.

Follow the three steps to healthy skin -Wash, tone, and moisturize

These three golden steps in your daily routine help to keep your skin fresh and healthy. Wash your face with gentle soap, use a toner, and don’t forget to use the moisturizer.

Our verdict – making these simple changes in your daily routine will help you to prevent the signs of premature skin aging, giving you flawless glowing skin.