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5 Makeup Essentials Every Woman Should Own

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Make up essentials

Working women are well aware about the difficulties faced in maintaining a regular skin care routine. Hectic working hours leave little or no time to invest in proper skin care. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to look worn-out. As maintaining a fresh look is not difficult if you know the right techniques and products. While makeup routines vary for different women, keeping some basic cosmetics handy is good for you.

Concealer: Though never a permanent solution, this product conceals dark spots, eye circles and puffiness. Carry it in your makeup bag for the timely touch ups throughout the day.

Powder: It is essential for those having oily skin, as powder to some extend freshens up your look. It should be applied after the blusher to even out the tone. Shimmer powder can be used for dew like glow after complete make up routine.

Mascara: Even if you are not a big fan of makeup, a little mascara and lip balm can completely change your look. It can be kept in your bag for quick makeovers. Mascara lengthens your lashes and highlights eye beauty.

Moisturizer: Keeping skin moisturized is really very important, as dry skin looks very dull. Besides, moisturizers provide the necessary vitamins and minerals to skin when chosen according to the skin type. Refrain from moisturizers with an oily base, as they tend to coagulate the skin pores. You can also use moisturizers with SPF no less than 15 to get effective protection. Likewise, you can also get rid of the skin tanning by using lightening moisturizers like Dermology Skin Brightener Cream.

Lip Balm: No matter how perfect you do your makeup, chapped lips completely blemish that effect. Thus, make it a point to carry a lip balm in your bag. There are multiple types of lip balms available and you can choose one as per your ease and requirement.