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Amber Rose Flaunts Her Cellulite in A Selfie On Instagram

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amber rose cellulite

In the age of body positivity, many have taken part to show off their cellulite as well as stretch marks. Among them, all Amber Rose is one of them. Yes, I am talking about one of the most distinguished personalities of Hollywood. In her recent video on Instagram, she showed off her cellulite and stretch marks in order to present her love for the body.

Trappin #cellulite #stretchmarks ?

A post shared by Amber Rose (@amberrose) on

After watching the video of Amber Rose cellulite, many women might have realized that airbrushed and photoshopped photos are not the standards we need to hold on. Amber isn’t the only one to do it, many celebrities have shown off their body before. And, many of them have gone for various cellulite removal treatments.

So, learn to love your body the way it is and have a look at a video once again.