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In the age of body positivity, many have taken part to show off their cellulite as well as stretch marks. Among them, all Amber Rose is one of them. Yes, I am talking about one of the most distinguished personalities of Hollywood. In her recent video on Instagram, she showed off her cellulite and stretch marks in order to present her love for the body. [embed][/embed] After watching the video of Amber Rose cellulite, many women might have realized that airbrushed and...

Lady Gaga slayed our entire Sunday nights during her Super Bowl Half time show. During her show she gave smattering of hits including “Poker Face,” “Just Dance,” “Telephone.” One side million of fans who love her, but there are some nasty people who have complained about her body by saying her as “Chubby” and advised here to cover the stomach back. In support of her fifth album Joanne, she shut down the comments in fell swoop. Regarding her body image...