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Forget the excuses. Just for today, focus on the many ways to improve your health by giving your body priority.  This list is by no means complete but a starting point to get you making your physical, emotional, and spiritual health a priority in your busy life.. Focus on the basic intake of your diet. Foods for healthy skin and a great lifestyle will make you strong inside out. Before you know it you’ll be living a healthy lifestyle. Have a look...

Many theories have emerged to explain the process that drives aging. In fact, lots of important discoveries in molecular or cellular biology came into existence which led to a new family of theories of aging. To know more, here is a video by asapSCIENCE to help you learn the science of aging in a superior way. Most theories of aging have older origins, but it is an expensive process that inherent lots of difficulties to study human aging. Basically, aging is...

Our skin is a mirror of our body. It shows up what's going on inside the body. And breakouts doesn't just appear like that, it's an indicator of something that is not right within us—health, hygiene and hormonal changes. Your reaction looks unfamiliar to this, obviously you were not aware of what that chin acne is expressing. Here's the guide for you to understand what your acne says about your health and how to avoid them: 1. Pimples on Your Nose and...