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7 Billion Dreams.One Planet.Choose Yours Wisely

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Organic Skincare

The Planet Earth has a burden of fulfilling 7 billion dreams, but do you think at this level, it is possible. The resources are dying, trees are dead, people are ignorant—anything left—you figure out yourself. I am not to count the reasons for degrading environmental condition, we are here to talk about how to improve it. How you do your bit– recycling, using canvas bags instead of plastic, driving some less cool set of wheels that ain’t polluting the environment. Which one’s your dream? Mine is to practice sustainable skincare.

Oh? How do you do it but? Practicing a sustainable skincare depends on the city you live in— how polluted it is, what weather conditions it has, what food you eat out there etc. The conditions in your respective cities explain how healthy your skin could be or how can you make it healthy in your city.

Why sustainable skincare

The ever changing environment is a result of human development over the years. And, for having a sustainable environment, we can always do a bit by going for sustainable skincare.

Say no to Chemicals: Parabens, Pthalates

Petroleum: The by-product of petroleum includes mineral oil, paraffin and propylene glycol are common in many skin-care products. According to The Environmental Working Group, petroleum products not only take hundreds of years to degrade, but they even cause skin irritation, allergies and sometimes even cancer.

Phthalates: In a research, it has been linked to birth defects, often found in nail polish and deodorant.

Parabens: methylparaben, ethylparaben, propylparaben and butylparaben – might be associated with skin problems like irritations, dermatitis and allergic reactions.

Why Say no to these Chemical

To keep your skin healthy and safe

Your most favorite products often contain these ingredients and are present in different forms—the names are really tongue twisting though. The ingredients of most of the products present in the market are not approved by FDA. Moreover, FDA does not require tests for every product that reaches the market. Look for the products which are organic—organic products are often labeled with certified mark. Always check.

To keep the Earth Clean

Certain beauty products that contain chemicals can harm the environment once they go down the drain. Chemicals like mercury, lead acetate, toluene or petroleum catches your eye, you would definitely want to opt for another skin care product that’s safe once it hits the septic system.

To support a sustainable economy

Companies that produce only natural and organic products are certainly good for our Earth. The economy that promote products and services that are healthy for you and environment is a sustainable economy. Try and use products that are organic and natural, this contributes towards an economic effort that will better the planet and global economy.

It’s high time, we opt out for chemical products and plastic alternatives, we need to protect our Planet and for that, each individual has to do his/her bit. Practicing healthy and natural skin care could be the step towards environment safety.