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Seasonal Skin Care Advice For Perfect Skin-Slideshow

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seasonal skincare

Spring, summer, autumn and winter- your skin has different needs in every season. Your skin, is regularly exposed to both the summers heat and the winters icy chill. Keeping skin healthy takes years of maintenance. While saving your skin from sun damage should be a priority no matter whatever the season is, the changing needs of the seasons call for adjustments in skin routines. Does your skin type change with every season ?

Not anymore…?? You need to give your skin the care it needs to grow during every season with seasonal skin care secrets. wonder how to proceed..?? Follow the steps:

  1. Evaluate your skin on seasonal basis.
  2. Be flexible and reorganize your routine if your skin requires different products.
  3. Assess your your old cream, cleanser or cosmetics products to see if they’ve expired.
  4. Apply sunscreen every day to your skin, whether it’s sunny, raining or snowing.
  5. Adjust moisturizers depending on the season, continue to hydrate your face, hands and feet throughout the year.

Want to know more..? Do watch the presentation below for detailed information about how to protect your skin in every season of the year and flaunt your skin throughout… !