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Does Your Skin Type Change with Every Season?

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If you live in a country which enjoys diverse weather conditions, then you definitely have an idea of what we are talking about. Each season, be it summer, winter, autumn or spring, has its effect on our skin and with this change in skin type, the methods of skin care do change.
Let us have a look at the skin type in each weather and what can be done to keep our skin healthy all the year round.

  • Summer

Effect on skin – The increasing sun’s heat, melts the oil inside the pores. Hence, the surge of this liquified oil, over the skin’s surface leads to an oily, sticky skin. Adding to this, the sweat mixes with this oil and makes the skin look like a sweaty mess.

What to do – Avoid the use of moisturizing face washes and lotions which only add up to the oil in your skin. Instead, go for foaming face washes and cleansers for natural face care, which remove all the excess oil and dirt from your skin. Use oil absorbing products in this season. Apply sunscreen with a foundation or a face powder, to avoid a greasy look.

  • Autumn

Effect on skin – The skin loses its moisture in this season, when the cold air arrives, leaving a lot of dead skin cells on your face. It is the time to prepare your skin for the harsh winters.

What to do – Use a thick moisturizer on your hands and face to retain the moisture and keep your skin hydrated. Exfoliate your skin to do away with the dead skin. Moisturize your skin directly after shower to keep your skin healthy.

  • Winter

Effect on skin – Due to the dry, chilly winds, the skin may become cracked and flaky. The dryness may lead to an itchy skin. Long exposures to sun can often lead to sunburns.

What to do – Use a creamy, moisturizing face wash and not foaming gels as they extract the necessary skin oils. Using a thick moisturizer can help solve the problem of the flaky skin and irritation caused by it. Avoid taking hot showers for a longer period as this may lead to loss of natural elements of the skin. Always opt for lukewarm water.

  • Spring

Effect on skin – It is a skin-friendly season, which does not cause much skin related worries. But still, skin demands care with the rising temperatures.

What to do – Take care of your skin while sunbathing, as even taking breaks at intervals won’t prevent sunburns. Do not over-expose yourself to the sun and always prefer the shade. Tanning is never healthy. It is a sign of a damaged skin. So avoid befriending the sun.
The above discussed are the generalized effects of the seasons on the skin. The extent of how much a season can affect you, varies from person to person. The city you are living in also has a profound effect on your skin. Whatever be the season, never forget a good sunscreen and take best suited skin care measures for an ever-glowing skin.