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What Food Should You Eat For Preventing Hair Loss?- Infographic

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foods for preventing hair loss

Everyone loses hair each day and hair is continually growing too. So there’s no need to freak out every time a few follicles trickle out. Although the causes of rapid hair loss are many, including age, hormones, genetics, medications, stress, dandruff, etc. But did you know a poor diet is one of the main causes of hair fall? But, this can potentially be reversed or controlled with the right amount diet.

Hold on to your hair longer with these nutrient rich foods in the infographic below by colaz that have been shown to keep hair healthy and full.

Preventing Hair Loss

Eating right can help control hair fall to a large extent. Your diet makes your mane stronger from within. In spite of relying on just serums and shampoos, make sure you are getting a sufficient amount of these nutrients from the food you eat. Include them in your daily skin care regimen and make the hair thicker and skin healthier.