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Cellulite Creams v/s Supplements: Which One Is Best?

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cellulite creams vs supplements

Over the years, women have been constantly fighting a tough war against cellulite, but mostly, in vain. Personally, I know of many women who leave no stones unturned in getting rid of their spongy looking skin. However, for many of them nothing seems to be working and ultimately leaving them devastated.

The skin product market is flooded with indefinite creams and supplements to bid adieu to this cottage cheese skin problem. So, how do we decide on what works better for cellulite reduction – creams or supplements?

In this blog, we will glance at effectiveness of Cellulite Creams and Supplements respectively. Hopefully it should help you to decide what is better for you.

Effectiveness of Creams for Cellulite

Many women carry a wrong attitude of fighting cellulite with creams only and not include balanced diet and exercise regime in their battle with cellulite. Of course, not all creams available in the market are effective and meet the fake tall claims made by their manufacturers’. Ideally, you should look for a cream that has sufficient ingredients in right contents to allay the benefits of the cream. As, for instance, Dermology cellulite cream contains rich ingredients like Retinol A that helps in improving the texture of the skin along with softening the skin surface. Also, it has caffeine in it that helps in increasing the blood flow, and, thereby reducing the show of cellulites.

Some of the key points to remember while buying creams for cellulite

  • Should contain all-natural ingredients
  • Should not leave greasiness after the application
  • Should be safe to use

The success rates of using natural ingredient cream for cellulite are really high provided you use good creams from genuine manufacturers’.

Effectiveness of Supplements for Cellulite

With the objective of winning the cream v/s supplement battle, numerous herbal supplements have been launched in the market claiming to have rich nutritional value for eliminating the problem of cellulite. However, one should be very diligent in choosing no side-effect supplements before falling for fake claims. Many cellulite sufferers take multivitamins high in Vitamin E that improves blood circulation leading to glowing skin.

Many herbal based cellulite reduction supplements such as Gota Kola have hit the market claiming to improve collagen formation in your skin.

Some of the key points to remember while buying supplements for cellulite

  • Check with your doctor regarding its suitability to your body
  • Always read the ingredients before buying
  • Check for any side effects, if any.

Who wins the battle?

In a utopian world, you should get the best of both worlds. But, if you have to pick one out of the two, it is reckoned to pick cellulite creams. Not only are these creams easy to use but also have a rare ratio of side effects as compared to supplements.

Remember to consult your doctor when in doubt.