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Winters are harsh and make our skin dry. When the cold, dry winds are at play. Our skin loses most of its natural moisture. And leaving you with pale skin and an itchy sensation. Since women with different skin types combat various skin problems during the cold climate. The most common one's eczema, psoriasis, and rosacea are due to this season. If you are taking hot showers it goes against your skin’s natural pH level. How to prevent your skin from...

Does your skin often feel rough and tight even after applying moisturizer over and over again? If caring for your dry skin is making you look older, we know what you need to do. Just have a deep breath and give a look at the video by Miss Liz Heart for anti aging tips for dry skin. Aging signs can wreak havoc on your skin. Your skin’s ability to keep up its well-being becomes more difficult if you have dry skin. Knowing the...

Acne are usually associated with some deeper issues within the body or oily skin but dry skin too can get affected with it. Therefore, treating dry skin afflicted with acne is slightly difficult. This is primarily because of treatments available for acne. A majority of the treatments are made for oily skin and if they are used on the dry skin, it can irritate the skin by making it even more drier. So, what is the way out? Your acne's are...