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Stretch marks are never welcome! They are quite embarrassing, they tend to lower the self-esteem of a person. Stretch marks are common in both men and women. They are formed when there is a distention in a particular part of the body, such as a past weight gain or pregnancy, causing the dermis to tears. Instead of undergoing surgery or buying harmful chemicals for stretch marks removal, it is better to do exercises to get rid of them. Not only...

Stretch marks are not found only on a woman's body, men too are prone to these unsightly lines. Those who are more susceptible to these include the ones who are trying to lose weight or are into bodybuilding. Once formed completely, you just cannot get rid of them. So, prevention is cure. Here is a list of things men should do to get rid of stretch marks. Gaining/Losing weight quickly is like inviting stretch marks This is perhaps the reason it is...