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How to Wash Your Face Properly- Infographic

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Water they say is the elixir of life. To ensure that you infuse life into your skin and not take it away, it is extremely important that you wash it regularly and in the right manner, especially your face which is what the world notices the most.

So how to wash your face?
First off, it is suggested that you clean your face with lukewarm water in place of cold as the latter can block the pores paving way for acne breakout. Any pores remaining open should then be closed with the help of a good quality toner. Additionally, the toner takes away any residues left, whatsoever. If you are using any topical acne treatment or alike, it should be the next to be applied on your skin so that it penetrates down easily to help you find relief from the condition. Next in line is the eye cream followed by your moisturizer. After this, apply a sunblock to protect your skin from sun’s harmful rays and only then you should apply any makeup product on your skin.

Face wash

Image Source : Health Central