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Getting Rid of Stretch Marks: Causes, Prevention & Cures

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Skin stretch marks

If someone was to define stretch marks, they are just a few harmless lines on your body. But it is surely not a medal or a tattoo you would like to show off! Although they never vanish completely off, they do fade away with time and some help. In this article, we would go through the causes, prevention, and cures to get rid of stretch marks.

What Are The Main Causes?

To understand how to get rid of stretch marks, you must know the underlying cause of a problem. When your body grows rapidly, due to a reason your body gets these marks. Your skin is not elastic enough to stretch so much. These long, thin, waved marks are also known as stria. A body can grow fast due to many reasons like pregnancy, growth spurts in children, bodybuilding, breast implants, or surgery. The elasticity of your skin relies on the amount of collagen you have in your body. Collagen is that important protein that blesses your skin to be stretch marks free. Stretch marks come in various colors. They fade from red or pink to purple. Slowly they look like thin streaks of scars. A woman gets them more often, mainly due to the pregnancy. Common areas where you can spot them are arms, breasts, stomach, back, hips, shoulders, and abdomen.

What Are The Various Prevention Techniques?

There are a few ways to prevent them from happening. Especially if you know you are going to have a transformed body. These are some handy tips to avoid them if you are at a higher risk.

  • Managing Weight Loss: Working to control body changes from happening too rapidly may be your safest bet. Eat a proper healthy diet and exercise to help you manage your weight. If you see a rapid weight change in your body, it is time to visit a doctor. Maintaining a healthy weight in pregnancy helps a long way to avoid these stretch marks.
  • Drinking-Water: Water is something we cannot stress more on. Staying hydrated helps your skin nourish and keeps you healthy internally. Every organ in our body needs water more than food. If the intake is right, your skin will glow. Cut down on caffeinated beverages as they do not help in any way.
  • Having The Right Vitamins: Boost your diet with vitamins rich food. Add a lot of color to your plate. Eggs, fruits, vegetables, toasties, and some green juice will help you prevent these marks. Vitamin C is vital to create the collagen we talked about. Oranges, lemons, berries, and other vitamin C rich foods bring elasticity to your skin which is very much needed to avoid these marks.
  • Having A Good Dose Of Vitamin D: Go and get soaked in sunlight. A study says that the lesser the vitamin D, the higher the risk of getting these marks. You can also increase your daily Vitamin D intake using supplements or a proper diet.

What Are The Natural Cures?

Now, if you already have these marks, it does not mean the world is coming to an end. We have got you some great ways of curing them (or at least lightening them).

  • Sugar Scrubs: Yes, you read it, right! Although people ask us to throw sugar off from our diets, you can use them as a scrub for your stretch marks. Mix a cup of sugar with one-fourth of a base, which suits your skin, like almond or coconut oil along with drops of lemon. Use this at least three times a week to fade your marks away.
  • Using Aloe Vera: Soothing and gentle, this plant works miracles on the skin. Just squeeze out fresh aloe Vera from the leaf and apply on your marks. You can also get ready aloe in the market.
  • Having Oral Hyaluronic acid: Collagen production arouses with hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid can be absorbed by eating a capsule or extract.
  • Using Coconut Oil: Coconut oil is well known to heal the appearance quickly. Daily application of virgin coconut oil would help to get rid of these marks rapidly.

Stretch marks do fade away with time. But if you feel awkward with them on your body parts, the above cures do help to a great extent. Stretch marks are harmful. A proper diet and staying hydrated can resolve this, and many other skin problems naturally. If your stretch marks appear different or they are painful or itchy, you may concern with a dermatologist.