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Breast Implants: Dealing With The Stretch Marks

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stretch marks after breast implant

Whenever the breast area is expanded whether it is during pregnancy or during puberty, stretch marks appear. In the case of breast implants, getting stretch marks or appearance of those blue veins are common. Increasing weight also becomes the reason for stretch marks. Having stretch marks after breast augmentation is not uncommon, in fact, most of the women who get breast implants have stretch marks.

Surgery on breast stretches your skin/fibers. Most cases when this is possible is when you get very large implants on under breast skin that is really tight. You must take care of certain things beforehand to avoid getting stretch marks after breast implants. Here are a few things you can do to avoid stretch marks:

Do not select big implants

Make sure that the implant you have selected is not too big for your tissue thickness, stretchability, as well as your overall breast/chest dimensions. Doctors use a specific 5 point measuring system to determine the best size. This also measures your breast tissue capability to stretch.

Choose the implant wisely

Choosing an implant that is appropriately sized minimizes the chance of stretch mark formation. Ask your doctor to recommend the appropriate size for your breasts to avoid any such problem. Moreover, if you have the existing stretch marks on your breasts, surgery can enhance the appearance of the marks further.

But, if you couldn’t take care of these things and ended up with large stretch marks on your breasts, here’s what you can do to get rid of stretch marks on breasts.

How to get rid of stretch marks on breast

Apply castor oil

If you want the faster results, try doing it every day for at least a week. Lay down on your back and rub the thick layer castor oil on your stretch marks. Cover the oil with a piece of plastic and heat it up with the heating pad for 20 minutes. Now, remove the wrap after 20 minutes and wipe off the extra oil with a wet washcloth. Follow this procedure daily for at least a week or repeat it a couple of times a week to get rid of stretch marks on breasts faster.

Moisturize with cocoa butter and shea butter

After breast implants, breasts become red, hot and shiny. Applying shea butter or cocoa butter helps prevent the stretch marks and even treat the existing stretch marks. Moisturizers containing cocoa butter and shea butter helps keep the skin soft and supple along with preventing any post-surgery inflammation.

Keep the hydration level optimum

A lot of fluids must be taken in to fight inflammation after surgery. Water, lemon juice, potato juice are some of the drinks that help reduce the appearance of the stretch marks. Moreover, drinking a lot of water even helps you to recover fast from surgery. Egg whites, olive oil, and sugar are also known to reduce the stretch marks appearance. Avoid taking in a lot of salt.

Topical Creams

Markets today are inundated with a variety of good stretch marks removal cream. Buy a topical solution that contains certain ingredients like aloe vera, vitamin E and squalene oil which helps in reducing the appearance of stretch marks.

Apply Aloe Vera and Olive Oil 

For instant and speedy results, combine ½ cup olive oil and ¼ cup aloe vera gel in a bowl. Apply the mixture on the stretch marks each night before hitting the bed. Wipe off the excess paste in the morning with wet cotton or cloth. Save your clothes from ruining in the night. Try to avoid wearing your favorite PJ’s for bed. Keep a towel on the sheet to avoid staining.

Whenever you shower, rub a small amount of bath oil, almond oil, lavender oil, shea butter or safflower oil onto your skin if possible. Do not rinse the oil off, let it soak into the skin to help fade the stretch marks.

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