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Beauty Trends That Must Die in 2015

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Beauty Trends That Must Die in 2015

Who doesn’t love to try a new beauty trend? 2015 saw a variety of looks – new and old. “Bronde” turned into a thing, platinum hair made an amazing comeback and simple nail designs joined them to make waves on the runways.

2015 was totally influenced by the celebrity style. Taylor Swift’s chic look took our hearts away. Her red lips are just the new way to flaunt your lips. Yes, there are many more beauty trends we would want to continue in 2016.

But, there were a few trends we would rather not find in the new year. Apologies, not sorry, but iced lipstick is not a good idea to do in this new year. Do you remember Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge? How about we simply say, these are the few reasons to motivate us not to follow them in 2016.

So here are a few beauty trends that need to die in 2016…

  1. The side-shave: If you are planning to shave one side of your hair, don’t do this. There are many more styles you can try like curling your hair, high ponytail, braids and more.side hair
  2. Recognizable contouring: Contouring is a good method to enhance your features and it gives you a natural look. The thing to keep in mind is to do it properly or not do it at all. You need to use the contouring products that match your skin tone and suit your skin type. Follow the YouTube tutorials for the same.contouring
  3. Fan-like lashes: Amping up your lashes is a nice strategy to draw attention towards your eyes, however, it must be done the right way or else your fringe winds up looking truly fake. To ensure your lashes look natural and not like a fan, apply a few layers of mascara, holding up a moment in the middle of uses so the formula legitimately sticks to the coat before it.Fan like lashes
  4. Overdrawn lips: If you have super-thin lips and you want to make them look bigger, then you can follow the exercises by Jessie James Decker. If you already have Angelina Jolie-like lips, you can opt for nude lip or simply use a lip balm. The thing we don’t want in 2016 is those nasty big lips ruining your trends
  5. Lavender locks: Colored hair is definitely a big NO in 2016. If you want to get your hair colored, choose some dark colors.25-lilac-lavender
  6. Dark lipstick: Since dark lipstick is very hard to pull off, stash your dark shot (in the event that you ever obtained one) for berry-shaded lip shading, as Kendall’s, it compliments all skin trends
  7. Crazy eyeliner patterns: Let’s be straightforward, you’re not wearing this out with your gentleman on Friday night. In any case, don’t stress, the liner searches in 2015 were significantly more wearable and trends
  8. 3-D nail art: It’s no more about building 3-D outlines on your nails. This year, it’s about shorter nail lengths and negative space, which implies your natural nail color shines.Beauty trends

In 2016, be fab and follow the beauty trends that suit you and don’t be a beauty disaster. Stop experimenting with your skin and choose styles, products wisely.