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10 Anti Aging Myths: Are you following them?

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10 Anti Aging Myths

If there was a true elixir to aging skin, people would have gone to any extent to obtain it. Perhaps that’s the reason why the anti-aging industry has seen a sudden boom. According to a market research the anti-aging product market in the US was anticipated to grow to more than $114 billion by 2015, which it has.

But the pursuit of younger looking skin can sometimes take people to unknown realms where they start believing in myths about aging, instead of the real facts. That’s what we discuss today – filtering the real facts from anti-aging myths.

Myth 1 – Expensive is better 

The effectiveness of a product is measured by its ingredient base rather than the price. It is a big misconception among consumers that higher the price of the product better it will work. If you are buying an expensive anti-aging cream understand how it works and that you are paying the right price for it.

Myth 2 – Stop using the product when you see improvements 

This is a common mistake. Most potent anti-aging products work and bring results when used regularly. Most people tend to stop using them as soon as they begin to see results, which is wrong.

Myth 3 – Only anti-aging products will suffice 

You can’t rely on just anti-aging products, you have to check your diet as well. A well-balanced diet can have great effects on your skin.

Myth 4 – Botox is a safe and permanent solution to aging skin 

Though Botox can get you wrinkle free skin, its effect begins to wear off after few months. You need to get it done frequently to maintain the effects which can sometimes have its side effects.

Myth 5 – No sun protection required on a cloudy day 

When you apply sunscreen you are not protecting your skin from the sun, but the harmful UV rays that come from it. So while you are in the shade or its cloudy outside the rays are still present in the atmosphere and you still require a sunscreen.

Myth 6 – All anti-aging creams irritate skin 

It is a common perception that most anti-aging creams are made from strong ingredients that are harsh on the skin. But that is not necessarily the case. It also depends on the anti-aging brand you chose like the Dermology Anti Aging solution that is gentle and soothing on the skin.

Myth 7 – Using many products brings better results for skin

Using more than one anti-aging products doesn’t guarantee better results. As mentioned above, results matter on the kind of ingredients used and their potency.

Myth 8 – Skin aging is similar to everyone

When skin types are different, how can skin aging patterns be same? What may suit for one person, might not work for another.

Myth 9 – Liver spots have a connection with your liver

Liver spots are brown spot or blemishes that appear on the skin but have nothing to do with the liver. They occur due to the sun exposure and excessive production of melanin.

Myth 10 – The more you exfoliate the better your skin gets 

Exfoliation is best for your skin when done within the limit, i.e. once to twice a week. Some tend to overdo it causing the skin to get irritated and lose its vitality.