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The Undisclosed Reasons For Aging In 20s-Slideshow

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In 20s, women don’t take care of their skin as much as they should, believing the myth that aging starts in 30s. But, research shows that 20s is the best time to start paying attention to your skin to prevent or delay aging.

Here are a few practices you need to master early on, to delay the signs of aging.

Ditch your habit of drinking with a straw – it can cause lines around your lips you will hate. Standing cross-legged looks cool, but is not good. It can cause varicose veins. Eyes can display aging signs much before you can anticipate. Applying an eye cream can help a lot. Neck, shoulders and hands are equally important – moisturize them regularly. Consider anti-aging treatment serum by Dermology to preserve your skin from age-related problems.

Click on the video below by and learn the unknown causes of aging and also learn some good ones to keep your skin youthful for a longer time.