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Must Avoid Skin Care Mistakes If Desire A Beautiful Skin – [An Infographic]

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Natural skin care includes topical creams and lotions made of ingredients available in nature. Caring for your skin is personal and in an urge to have white and gorgeous looking skin, the females and young ladies often make common skin whitening mistakes. You know that the benefits you can get from the natural ingredients and regular habits, you will not get from the harsh chemicals used in creams and other skincare products. But if you make mistakes while doing natural skin care, your efforts will demolish.

Take a look at An Infographic by URBANE WOMEN to avoid some common skin care mistakes:

Avoid Skin Care Mistakes

  1. Falling Into Bed With Your Makeup On:
    Not removing your makeup for the night clogs your pore and oil glands. When makeup becomes affected in pores, it makes them appear larger.
  2. Exfoliating Away Oily Skin:
    When your skin is over-scrubbed, the oil production actually speeds up because skin’s natural repair mechanism goes into overdrive.
  3. Makeup Brushes, Sponges, and Pads:
    Dirty makeup brushes can sure lead to acne. Makeup brushes start collecting dust, oil and dead skin cells if they are not washed for a long time.
  4. Not Moisturising Oily Skin:
    It’s a common misconception that those with oily skin should avoid moisturizers. Moisturising adds water to the skin, not oil.
  5. You Should Wash Your Face twice A Day:
    One should always wash their face twice in a day and not more than that. Washing face often can rob off all the natural oils from your skin and can lead to flakiness and dryness. So, to prevent this, make sure you wash your face only two times in a day.
    Make sure you avoid these common skin care mistakes to ensure beautiful skin in the future.