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If you know what products work well for your skin, that’s only half the battle won. How you apply them is the other key to perfect skin success. You should know how to prep your skin for makeup with good skin care products because we regularly absorb nearly 130 chemicals we expose ourselves to. Follow these pro tips to know exactly how much good skin products you need to use: To get the most out of your products as well as save...

During Autumn, the skin starts to feel stretched and leathery, especially for those people who have a dry skin. And for others who have neglected a proper skin care for dry sensitive skin regime also notice patchy and discolored, dull looking skin. People with oily and combination skin types, the skin starts to look better, more porcelain and glowing. For younger and healthier skin you need to know care for your skin type. In the given infographic, BeautyBridge is showing how to...

Have you ever thought that expired beauty products can do a lot to you? Yes, you might be throwing out your beauty products just after watching their expiry date. It might have hurt a lot to you as you are throwing your favourite ones. But if these beauty products are maintained properly then these can do a lot to your skin after expiry also. Yes, you need to just take care of some things such as smelling or checking out...