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Traveling has its own set of hassles managing which makes us forget about our skin, leave alone good care. So pack cleansing wipes in case you have to remove your makeup and you don’t have anything handy there. This is also one of the beauty hacks you might be knowing. Also if you feel your skin has turned dry, put on a pre-soaked sheet mask to replenish moisture in the skin. Let the serum in it soak into your skin...

Surprisingly, some of the beauty products can be used in ways you cannot even imagine. For instance, no shaving cream left, use conditioner to shave your legs. You can remove wrinkles from your clothes with the same iron you use for flattening your hair. Mix blush and lip gloss to get your own lip color or make your own nail color by mixing clear nail polish and eye shadow. These makeup hacks and tips with some of your beauty products...

If you are a girl then you may be always on the look-out for new beauty hacks you can use to save time or improve your beauty regime? The thing is there are very simple beauty hacks right in our home but we don't have any knowledge about them. Also , everyone Can't have a makeup artist on call like celebrities do. But , you Don't need to worry. Here are a few tips comprised in the infographic below by...