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Fairness has been an epitome of beauty for long. No one likes blotchy and uneven textured skin. People who have tried everything and still have age spots, freckles and uneven skin, find it really difficult to deal with this situation. But getting a radiant and bright skin is not impossible. You don’t have to feel miserable anymore trying to achieve it. A few tweaks in the daily regimen and a good skin brightening cream can really make the difference.

More About Skin Brightening Creams

The formulations of skin brightening cream make sure that the hyper pigmentation is reduced significantly. There are no second thoughts that technology has enhanced skin care and can help make skin look fairer, but these treatments are highly expensive. Not all can afford these expensive treatments which sometimes come with considerable risks. But a natural based skin brightening cream is good for everybody’s use. The main ingredient in many skin brighteners is Vitamin B3. This ingredient works by inhibiting the transfer of melanin pigment from melanocytes to skin surface cells. The other important ingredients that are known to reduce darkness are as follows:

Hydroquinone: This is a chemical that reduces the production of melanin in the skin which ultimately leads to brighter skin tone. But dermatologists say that this shouldn’t be overused in the whitening creams because it can cause bluish white pigmentation of the skin, scientifically known as, exogenous ochronosis. It is also said that this condition has no specific treatment so far. Just be wise in choosing any whitening product.

Vitamin A (Retinoic acid): This chemical helps in shedding of dark pigmented skin cells that over accumulate on the skin surface. This also helps in good exfoliation of skin.

Kojic acid: This is the most common ingredient in skin whitening cosmetic products. It performs the same function as hydroquinone, that of blocking the formation of melanin. But in order to be an effective cream it should have a very low concentration of Kojic acid in it.

Vitamin C:It is considered as an important antioxidant for skin. It lightens the skin tone by raising the glutathione levels in the body.

But the herbal ingredients found in Dermology Skin Brightener Cream work remarkably well to bring more evenly balanced skin complexion. It is absolutely natural and can be used by any skin type without making skin vulnerable to any dangers.

Opting For A Skin Brightening Cream? Things To Be Considered

First Understand Your Skin Type – There are several options available in the market but it is important to choose the right one for your skin type.

Your Requirement – For this you need to understand why exactly you require a skin whitening treatment, like do you want to erase dark spots, deal with freckles or brighten skin tone. This is because some skin brightening creams deal distinctly with specific problems and the product’s effectiveness depends upon the problem that needs to be addressed.

Why Skin Brightening Creams Are the Best?

Most skin brightening creams work gradually and may take several weeks; even months to show their effect. But they generally bring much needed improvement in skin tone without putting skin health at risk. Though there are many surgical treatments that provide immediate results, but they are not always safe. Treatments like dermabrasion and laser treatment beget numerous skin allergies and may cause over lightening of the affected area. On the contrary, good skin brightening creams contain many skin benefiting ingredients. These ingredients are safe, mostly suit all skin types and cause no allergies. This is the primary reason why Dermology Skin Brightening Cream, which contains natural herbal based ingredients, makes skin brighter and more radiant. It is one solution that eliminates any freckles, sun spots or other skin discoloration issues that trouble you. This cream truly brings smoother, brighter and youthful glow back on your skin.