Lady Gaga’s Response To Super Bowl Body Shamers on Instagram is The Best Thing On Internet Today


lady gaga super bowl

Lady Gaga slayed our entire Sunday nights during her Super Bowl Half time show. During her show she gave smattering of hits including “Poker Face,” “Just Dance,” “Telephone.” One side million of fans who love her, but there are some nasty people who have complained about her body by saying her as “Chubby” and advised here to cover the stomach back. In support of her fifth album Joanne, she shut down the comments in fell swoop. Regarding her body image she has previously spoken in 2012 about her own eating disorder recovery. For her fans it was so inspiring too see her and speak up. By addressing people she says that she doesn’t have to answer anyone and she knows that she is true champion!

Keep on being amazing, Gaga, and we’ll see you on the Joanne World Tour!