How Well Do You Actually Know These Causes of Wrinkles? -(An Infographic)


Know These Causes of Wrinkles

When it comes to aging, there is one aspect that many people fear most and that is wrinkles. In an attempt to avoid those pesky little lines, we have to avoid everyday habits that can cause wrinkles. Skin care is obviously important, but there are a number of other factors, including our daily choices, that can influence the aging of our skin.

Here is an info graphic guide by EraseRepair on what causes wrinkles for your rescue:

causes of wrinkles

There are so many causes of wrinkles like smoking, skin care products, sleeping, gender, poor nutrition and too much sugar. Expressive people who tend to smile, flown, and squint more will often develop a fine line and wrinkles.

To fight with your first wrinkles try to overcome your bad habits. The healthier your habits are, the more likely you are to protect yourself from getting wrinkles.