How Essential Oils Work For Different Skin Conditions- An Infographic

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Essential Oils Work For Different Skin Conditions

Got a cellulite? There’s an essential oil for that. Looking for natural ways to prevent stretch marks? There’s an essential oil for that. Below is an infographic by DrAxe showing how essential oils can be used to cure different skin conditions. The following 5 essential oils help remedy a number of skin conditions — from acne to aging, dryness to oiliness. And … Read More

7 Anti Aging Ingredients To Look For in Creams- Infographic

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7 Anti Aging Ingredients

Do you know what makes your anti-aging creams work? While many of us might be guessing the ingredients in that particular anti aging cream. Yes, you are right anti-aging ingredients matter a lot to an anti-aging cream. The skincare routine you develop in your early 20’s will benefit you in the long run and would stop the aging process. Dermology … Read More

Cellulite Causes and Treatment: All You Need To Know [Infographic]

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treatment for cellulite

Cellulite is that body condition where skin started dimpled and lumpy. It usually occurs on the thighs, buttocks and other body areas too. Yet, cellulite can affect both men and women, but it’s common for females and from 80 and 90 percent of women experience this problem. All these things make it important to have proper treatment for cellulite. This … Read More

The Ultimate Guide To Great Skin- Infographic

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Guide To Great Skin

With changed season, usually, we focus on better wardrobe rather than good skin. Unless you have good skin, you probably don’t make changes that are essential for make for great skin. Everyone has different skin type and thus their routine to skin care also varies. Most skin problems are mainly linked to these primary areas of life-hormone imbalance, toxicity, nutrition … Read More